Conil in family

Familia disfrutando de un día soleado en playa de Los Bateles con el pueblo de Conil de fondo.
Conil, enjoy it with the family

Visiting Conil as a family is the perfect trip to enjoy a seaside town full of culture, history, natural environments such as its extensive beaches of fine sand and calm waters perfect for swimming, its pine forests and trails and a wide range of activities for all ages at any time of the year. Mainly known for its spectacular coastline where you can enjoy magnificent summer days, inland it is home to a great history, excellent gastronomy linked to the sea and the countryside, exceptional resting places and a wide range of leisure activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Enjoy Conil from January to December, Conil offers a wide variety of tourist attractions for all families.

From January to December, there is a wide variety of tourist attractions in Conil, starting with the Christmas programme full of children's shows accompanied by dreamlike decorations, where the little ones can experience the illusion of this time of year. They will be able to enjoy the House of the Three Wise Men installed in the Santa Catalina Cultural Centre, the visit of the Royal Postman to deliver their letter, and of course the Cavalcade of Their Majesties the Three Wise Men which is held every 5th January.

February, and as it could not be otherwise in a town in Cadiz, for Conil is also the month of Carnival and it includes various activities for everyone to enjoy together, such as costume parties or the great parade. From June to September, the tourist routes "A stroll through Conil" take place, where both adults and children can learn about the history of Conil and enjoy the charm of this white village, walking through its streets adorned with beautiful flowers that give colour and joy. 

Its wonderful natural environments and trails attract every year adults and children who want to enjoy a unique context, surrounded by nature, such as Prado Castilnovo, the Salado river or La Dehesa de Roche, with different low-difficulty trails where you can walk to know all its flora and fauna, or enjoy the rest areas with their picnic areas to spend a day with family or friends. Also surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, La Atalaya Park is the perfect combination of children's playground and nature, as it is located in an urban pine forest with wonderful views of the beach. Here the little ones can enjoy slides and swings, ride their bicycles or play ball.

Conil, with its 14 kilometres of coastline, is also the ideal destination to enjoy walks on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, days on the beach with friends and family, learning about the geological history of its cliffs or practising different water sports such as surfing or paddle surfing. 

Many families also visit Conil during its most popular festivals, such as Halloween, Carnival, the Colorado Fair, the Water Festival with its giant water slide or the Fair of Our Lady of Virtues. As for cultural activities for the whole family, La Chanca offers a wide range of events throughout the year, including theatres, storytelling, recitals, musicals and concerts for everyone to enjoy together.

If your next holidays are going to be with your family, in Conil you will find everything you need to enjoy a wonderful time together.