El Baluarte

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Ruta Por El Casco Antiguo
Site where cubes and buttresses were located and served as key surveillance points

This place used to be one of the four exits and entrances to the walled enclosure of Conil. Specifically, this is where the road to Cádiz along the coast began, hence the name by which it is popularly known: "Puerta Cai".

The "Puerta Cai" is the origin of the fishermen's quarter, and throughout its history it has been the meeting place of the seafarers, as evidenced by the Chapel of the Espíritu Santo where the Virgen del Carmen is worshipped, and the headquarters of the Fishermen's Guild, founded in 1917, the oldest in Andalusia.

Its architecture must have been in the same style as that of the Puerta de la Villa. The medieval wall that surrounded the town of Conil had buttresses at its angles or corners used for guarding, of which "El Baluarte" is preserved, a piece of this wall that can be found in 26 Extramuros Street. 

It was a place where cubes and buttresses were located to serve as key surveillance points. From the cubes, the artillery pieces for the defence of the municipality could be seen, with the aim of protecting the city from the danger posed by its proximity to the sea.

Nowadays, hardly any remains of this gate and the wall are preserved due to the later construction of the town of Conil.

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Calle del Baluarte/ Calle Extramuros 26, 11140, Conil de la Frontera, Andalucía, Cádiz, ES
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