Old Tower La Atalaya

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Vista de la playa desde un parador blanco de madera

While there is no information on the exact date of its construction, this building does appear in two illustrations, which are part of the Archive of the Duke of Medina Sidonia. One of these is a drawing of Conil and its coast from the year 1727. The other dates back to 1765 and depicts a particular type of tuna fishing, the so-called "almadraba de tiro", in the 18th century. In both illustrations the location of the Atalaya Tower is shown on the current road to La Fontanilla beach in front of the Atalaya Park.

The tower had a dual function: it was used for military purposes in connection to the other towers as part of the defensive system, and it was used for civilian purposes, as a watchtower for tuna fishing. Close to the tower one of the two monoliths is located which were used for hanging the nets for tuna fishing.

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