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Ruta Por El Casco Antiguo
Enjoy the history of Conil visiting its most emblematic places

Characterised by the white colour of its houses and buildings, Conil has a medieval structure in its streets and a deep seafaring flavour. The old town of Conil is about 700 metres long and, nowadays, it is surrounded by other buildings of more recent construction, but also maintaining the white of the façades. In this environment you can enjoy a great variety of religious, defensive and civil buildings, which are of great tourist interest, among which the following stand out: 

  • Casa Cárcel: the second oldest building in Conil, which was used as a municipal warehouse and prison.
  • Casa del Conde de las Cinco Torres: opposite the Puerta de la Villa and built in 1779 as a summer residence. It is very characteristic because it has a cistern to collect rainwater.
  • El Baluarte: a watchtower used for surveillance that belonged to the old medieval wall that surrounded the town.
  • Puerta de la Villa: emblematic place of exit and entrance to the town that dates back to 1502 and formed part of one of the four main gates of the old walled enclosure.
  • Guzmán Tower: the most important and oldest military building in the town.
  • Watchtowers: these include the Torre Atalaya, which has completely disappeared, and the Torre de Castilnovo. Both were used as watchtowers and warning points, as well as to help the almadraba (tuna trap). In addition, you can find the Torre del Puerco, which is 8 metres high and cylindrical in shape, and the Torre de Roche, with a square base, which dates from the 16th century and is currently a lighthouse.
  • Mesón del Duque: owned by the Dukes of Medina Sidonia. This estate belonged to the ducal house until 1875. Its function was to serve as an inn as well as an inn and/or a grocery shop.
  • Former Convent of La Victoria or Santa Catalina Church: the first construction dates from the 16th century and includes the nave of the church, the sacristy and the stairs. Both the entrance and the bell tower date from the first third of the 17th century. The rest of the convent was built in 1760. From the 19th century onwards it has undergone numerous alterations until it became the current seat of the Town Hall, Municipal Court and Schools.
  • Santa Catalina Cultural Centre: it is currently a Centre of Tourist-Cultural Interest. It is an old church that presides over the square that bears its name. It is an enclave of Conil, where numerous activities are held.
  • Chapel of the Holy Spirit: a religious building where you can visit the Virgen del Carmen, one of the great devotions of Conil due to its direct connection with the sea and the fishermen. Inside the chapel is the oldest bell in the town, dating from 1632.

Today, it is surrounded by other buildings of more recent construction, but also maintaining the white facades.