Conil and Jabugo, joined by Gastronomic Excellence

Jabugo - Spanish Gastronomic City 2023
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Conil y Jabugo 2023

The Mayor of the municipality and President of the Municipal Tourism Board, Inmaculada Sánchez Zara, visited the town of Jabugo yesterday on a significant day. On this occasion, the town in Huelva closed its outstanding gastronomic year with a symbolic gesture: the traditional twelve grapes were replaced by twelve slices of Jabugo ham for the pre-New Year's countdown.

Jabugo bid farewell to 2023 celebrating its local gastronomy, particularly its star product: the ham. This year, the town earned the recognition of Spanish Gastronomic City 2023, a quality seal that played a crucial role in its promotion and tourist attraction. According to Mayor Gilberto Domínguez, this certification has increased the fame and prestige of both the town and its gastronomic products. The seal has been a fundamental element in its tourism promotion, leaving an everlasting mark in its promotional message.

The visit of the Mayor of Conil and President of the Municipal Tourism Board aims for Conil to take over from Jabugo regarding this quality seal. The Mayor of Jabugo offered the Mayor of Conil the opportunity to participate in this celebration, as Conil has the necessary conditions and variety of gastronomic products to obtain the Spanish Gastronomic City seal for 2024.

Inmaculada Sánchez expressed her gratitude and ensured that "Conil and its Tourism Board will work diligently to make this certification an effective instrument throughout 2024, positioning the municipality even further among destinations of gastronomic excellence".