Almadraba Red Tuna Gastronomic Days

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Route of the Still Red

Every year, the Municipal Tourist Board , together with the Young Restaurateurs Association, organises the Gastronomic Route of the World's Oldest Wild Red Tuna from Almadraba. This route has been held since 1998, and takes place between the months of May and June, which coincides with the time when the tuna is caught in its traps.

The start of the route is marked by the Gastronomic Show, an event that this year has been held in the surroundings of La Chanca and where all the attendees can taste tapas from all the participating restaurants and bars as a foretaste of the exclusive menus of red tuna dishes that will be available throughout the month.

This event begins with the traditional "ronqueo" of a red tuna. In the last edition in 2022, 35 bars and restaurants participated, and along with the tapas tasting, the thousands of visitors were able to enjoy a very "almadrabero" environment, with views of the sea, access to the cultural centre of La Chanca and a decoration designed for the occasion with boats, nets and tuna trawling carts. In addition, different actors recreated the way of life of different characters of the traps such as a saladera, the duke, the rogue and a trapsman who explained to the audience the history of Conil and the traps from the experiences of each character.  As well as being able to taste the different gastronomic preparations in each of the participating establishments, this gastronomic route has an additional programme related to this art of fishing:

  • Weekly, during the month of duration of the route, from the tourist office there are free tourist routes, with the particularity of being dramatised. In the Interpretation Centre of the Sea, Tuna and Almadrabas you can visit the permanent exhibition "GARVM", a photographic work carried out in the Almadraba that reflects the essence of the work of the fishermen and this millenary fishing art.
  • And weekly raffles of lots of Almadraba Red Tuna products are held among all the participants who have visited the participating bars and restaurants.

These gastronomic days revive the Almadraba origins of Conil, combining history with good food.

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Se destacan los distintos productos típicos de Conil mostrando la gran variedad de platos y recetas relacionados con los mismos así como la elaboración y la sofisticada presentación de estos en los concursos.  Se alternan imágenes de los concursos, de las inauguraciones de estos concursos y también se realizan recursos de los productos en su medio natural (retinto, huerta y atún).
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