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Dehesa De Roche
An area that offers multiple environmental values

It is one of the most attractive places in Conil de la Frontera where you can enjoy a wide variety of leisure, recreational, tourist, educational and sporting activities. Furthermore, the Dehesa Pasture is an area that offers multiple environmental values, as it is a space protected by Red Natura with 2000 hectares included in the list of Sites of Community Importance (SCI) and Special Area of Conservation (SAC). It has a great diversity of natural ecosystems located just a few kilometres from different rural and urban centres. On a walk through it, you can observe a great natural wealth. As far as the flora is concerned, there is a predominance of stone pines, together with scrubland species such as mastic trees. As for the fauna,amphibians, mammals, fish, birds and reptiles, and even endangered species such as the common chameleon or the Fartet river fish, coexist in harmony in this natural environment.

The trails that can be done in this location are very gentle, as they have little slopes of between 0 and 5 %, such as the Roche River trail, which starts to the west of the town of El Colorado, runs through the Pinares de Roche and ends next to the fishing port. During the 7 kilometres of this trail, you can enjoy all the beauty of the Dehesa Pasture. You can also enjoy the trails Roche Pasture or El Colorado Roche. In the area closest to El Colorado, there are recreational areas where you can enjoy a family day surrounded by nature.

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