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Retinto Route

The Retinto Route is one of the three routes organised annually by Conil Town Council, through the Municipal Tourist Board, together with the Young Restaurateurs Association, based in this case on the exquisite retinto meat, a meat with certification of origin and autochthonous.

It is held in the month of December, coinciding with the Constitution and Immaculate Conception holidays, to enjoy the gastronomy and autumn in Conil.

The participating restaurants and bars offer their customers specific menus of this excellent product, certified as such by the National Association of Breeders of Selected Retinta Breed Cattle, which endorses this event.

Days before the start of these gastronomic days, a professional competition is held among the participants with the aim of continuing to promote the product and awarding recognition to the winners.

On the first day of the route, the gastronomic exhibition takes place in the Plaza de la Torre de Guzmán, where all the participants offer a tasting of tapas representative of the menu of dishes made with Retinto meats, which will be available in each establishment during the week of the route, thus showing the great variety of elaborations that the gastronomy based on this product of excellence allows. 

Explore Conil's diverse culinary scene through the 15 participating restaurants at this special event. 🧡 To access the map with the establishments, click here: link

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Se destacan los distintos productos típicos de Conil mostrando la gran variedad de platos y recetas relacionados con los mismos así como la elaboración y la sofisticada presentación de estos en los concursos.  Se alternan imágenes de los concursos, de las inauguraciones de estos concursos y también se realizan recursos de los productos en su medio natural (retinto, huerta y atún).
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