Conil, Spanish Gastronomic City (CGEs)

Benchmark of the finest Gastronomic Culture
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Cartel Sello CGEs 2024

Conil will be the next Spanish Gastronomic City (CGEs) 🏆 during the year 2024. Jabugo will pass the baton to our extraordinary town. 🍴

Its privileged location and exceptional products from the sea 🐟 and the orchard 🍅, along with Conil's commitment to promoting its gastronomic culture, have been key to obtaining this designation, which has been worked on and managed by the Conil Tourism Board. Therefore, it is one of the fundamental commitments of the Tourism Delegation ☀️ for this newly started year.

Being a CGEs represents a tool to boost tourism - especially gastronomic tourism - for the town that obtains this seal, improving the hospitality sector and promotion beyond the locality. Having this distinction means being a national gastronomic reference for an entire year. Only one city can be the Gastronomic City in the same year. 🏁

In the words of José Ramón Rosado, Tourism Delegate of the Conil City Council: "Being able to hold this seal is a unique opportunity for Conil, which during 2024 can promote itself in tourism within previously unthinkable margins, as this boost places it at the forefront of national gastronomic tourism." Inmaculada Sánchez, Mayor of Conil, adds: "Bringing this seal to Conil will make it a useful tool for local tourism and, by extension, for the entire socio-economic fabric of the municipality 🌈. With initiatives like this, we position Conil where it belongs, at the forefront of gastronomic excellence."