Conil triples and nearly quadruples its population in summer.

According to the data collected by the Tourism Board of Conil, the municipality experiences an exponential increase in its population during the summer.
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Vista en primer plano de José Ramón Rosado, Delegado de Turismo del Ayto de Conil

José Ramón Rosado, Delegate of Tourism and Beaches of Conil, talks about the data recorded in July and the occupancy forecasts for August, which place the population at over 60,000 people with peaks of 80,000. The loyalty of national tourism and the work of the Tourism Board for de-seasonalization are positioning Conil at the top of the occupancy ranking and as a preferred destination for many tourists.

Regarding another tourist and cultural attraction of the municipality, Rosado has informed about the reopening of the Raíces Conileñas Museum, which aims to showcase the history of the municipality with unique pieces that depict life in this fishing, farming, and agricultural town hundreds of years ago.

The Conil City Council also informs about the recent opening and operation of the new parking lot located next to the Health Center, which has a space for around forty vehicles. In this new parking lot, carried out by the ROSAM Public Company, about forty more public and free parking spaces are provided for this area. Similarly, and in pursuit of greater accessibility, it includes a space reserved for people with reduced mobility. This project represents a perfect example of the awareness and consideration of the Government Team regarding the existing problem of lack of parking in our town, as it is a new area that offers more parking options for the municipality's residents and visitors. It represents a significant step in seeking possible solutions to the problem and mobility alternatives.

Also, the plot located in Ronda Norte, specifically in front of the Local Police Headquarters, has between eight hundred and a thousand more spaces, following the line of facilitating parking in different areas for anyone residing or visiting our municipality these days. It is worth mentioning that both spaces will remain open 24 hours a day, in order to provide a comprehensive service that meets all needs. The Conil City Council is committed to creating more parking lots to address the high demand, especially in the summer season. The current Government Team undertakes to continue working to find solutions and improve the current situation regarding parking and accessibility.