Conilete llega a La Chanca el Día de Andalucía

28 de Febrero Día de Andalucía
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Portada del folleto Conilete 2024

🎉🌟 Let's Celebrate Andalusia Day in Conil! 🌟🎉

The Conil Town Hall is gearing up to commemorate Andalusia Day with an exciting joint program involving all municipal delegations.

Inmaculada Sánchez, Delegate for Equality and Mayor of Conil, highlights the importance of uniting efforts across various areas to eliminate stereotypes of inequality. She emphasizes the goal of teaching young people about living together in equality and Andalusian identity, using the town's mascot as the protagonist of a story, so they can experience this date as something significant for the community.

Sergio Cáceres, Delegate for Education, announces a specially designed story for Conil's schoolchildren, aimed at bringing them closer to the meaning of Andalusia Day in a playful and educational way. He underscores the importance of providing additional tools to enrich school activities and ensure a rewarding experience for students.

From the Cultural Delegation, Antonio J. Aragón expresses satisfaction with the story "Conilete arrives at Chanca on Andalusia Day," designed to engage children in local culture. He emphasizes the value of promoting reading and transmitting values such as culture and tradition from a close and participatory perspective.

Soon, the protagonist of the story, the town's mascot, will be presented as part of the events scheduled for March 8 by the Equality Delegation.

Celebrate the cultural richness and Andalusian identity in Conil! 🎈📚