Presentation of the Poster and Schedule for the Conil Outlet Fair 👔👡

February 3rd at Plaza La Bodega
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Presentación Cartel Conil Outlet 2024

The "Conil Outlet Fair" will take place next Saturday, February 3rd, at Plaza La Bodega, thanks to the initiative of the Business Association, with the support of the Junta de Andalucía and the unconditional collaboration of the Conil City Council.

The Mayor, Inmaculada Sánchez, and Sergio Cáceres, Delegate for Self-Employed, Employment, and Young Entrepreneurs, have expressed their gratitude for the tireless work of the Conil Business Association. Presenting this dynamic "Conil Outlet Fair" aims not only to attract locals and visitors but also to revitalize local consumption, providing a platform for the self-employed in our municipality to showcase and sell their products.

The City Council will firmly support these initiatives, recognizing them as dynamic, attractive, and original market boosters that provide strong support to our small businesses.

A special thanks to the president of the Conil Business Association, Lola Caro, and its vice president, José Antonio Sánchez, for their dedication and contribution to the Conil Outlet Fair. We are confident that this event will be a resounding success. See you at the fair, where fashion and opportunities converge!

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