Summary of Participation in the International Tourism Fair (FITUR)

Madrid, January 24-28
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Collage 3 Rutas Gastronómicas Fitur 2024

🌟 In the edition of the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) in Madrid, from January 24 to 28, Conil has shone as a renowned tourist destination. 💼 The Municipal Tourism Board, along with our Mayor Inma Sánchez, led various activities highlighting the promotion of the destination internationally, showcasing the resources that make up our annual tourism offer. 🌍 Among the standout actions are:

🤝 Active participation in forums, meetings, and gatherings to emphasize Conil's fundamental strategic lines: Gastronomic Tourism, Nature Tourism, and Sun & Beach Tourism. We highlight our accessibility, accrediting us as a destination for inclusive and diverse tourism.

🎬 Promotion of Conil Film Office as the perfect location for the audiovisual industry, including the presentation of Conil's inclusion in the Andalucía Film Commission.

🌅 Presentation of the Promotional Video for Conil 2024, under the motto "Conil, la esencia permanece," conveying a beautiful message about our land and culture to the world.

🍽️ Presentation of the Gastronomic Routes, supporting Conil as the Spanish Gastronomic City 2024. The Municipal Tourism Board actively participates as an organizer alongside Young Restaurateurs.


XIII Ruta Gastronómica - Huerta (5 al 14 de Abril) 


XXVII Ruta Gastronómica - Atún Rojo (9 de Mayo al 9 de Junio) 


XI Ruta Gastronómica - Retinto (29 de Noviembre a 8 de Diciembre) 


🌈 Fue una agenda llena de actividades vibrantes que pintaron a Conil como un lienzo diverso y lleno de vida, ofreciendo una mezcla única de sabores, entretenimiento, cultura, actividades deportivas, conexión con la naturaleza y playas espectaculares. Conil, todo el año. ✨