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Ruta De Los Patios
Interesting tour of the most beautiful courtyards in Conil

During this route, you will find patios full of history, tradition and culture. Visitors can discover the architecture and beauty of these patios and their history in a relaxed way, as well as the different types of flowers and the typical pots of the area.

During the month of May, the "Concurso de patios y rincones" (Courtyards and Corners Competition) is held, in which many of these patios take part and stand out for their composition, colour, care and beauty, giving a touch of joy and colour to the hallmark of local architecture. In the last edition held in the year 2022 the winners were:


  • FIRST PRIZE 6: Dorada Street
  • SECOND PRIZE 5B: Nueva Street


  • FIRST PRIZE 13: Colada de la Venta Lane
  • SECOND PRIZE 19: Lenguado Street
  • THIRD PRIZE 20: Jurel Street
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La ruta se realiza desde la Oficina de Turismo de Conil de la Frontera., 11140, Conil de la Frontera, Andalucía, Cádiz, ES
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